A place brand for Bognor Regis


Place brand media launch

Hemingway Design will be speaking about plans for a Bognor Regis place brand alongside West Sussex County Council, Arun District Council, and University of Chichester at a press conference this week and how the media can partner and support the approach. The place brand aims to create a solid base for a feel-good factor to develop around the name Bognor Regis, to enable all sectors of the local, regional, and national community to positively celebrate the town, and attract aspirational businesses, educationalists, students, visitors, and new residents. 

The plans follow from on the significant investment across the town and aim to attract vibrant and forward-thinking businesses and young people in industries that are performing well and will continue to do so in the 21st-century. The primary goal is to formulate a place narrative and identity that supports the overall promotion of Bognor Regis that will be built on an honest assessment of its challenges and opportunities.