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Let us capture your vision and stories so together we can build a vibrant narrative for Bognor Regis.

Please adjust your thinking caps to a jaunty angle as we will be facilitating the start of ongoing discussions that start to answer four questions:

  1. What does Bognor Regis do?
  2. Who is Bognor Regis for?
  3. What makes Bognor Regis unique?
  4. What is the future of Bognor Regis?

Community events and workshops

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We have devised a programme of events, workshops and installations that will help to unlock the value and potential of Bognor Regis by highlighting why it’s special, building on its assets and empowering the people who have an interest in it to do more.

Rules of engagement

We are here to help present the town in all its glory, but we also believe that if a place is strengthening its positive messages it should also acknowledge its problems. A place’s identity and values should be robust enough to address and face up to any negative issues with an honest and balanced outlook, and have the framework in place to counter them with overpowering positive messages.

  • Always looking forwarding – conversations that focus on the positives not negatives
  • Focus on positives – negatives are only communicated internally
  • Promote the opportunities – present the negatives as opportunities